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still active

Postby roy » Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:01 am

Still here if anyone needs to post


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Re: still active

Postby graziella » Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:21 pm

As Roy has mentioned, we are still here and would like to hear from anyone that needs help and advice.

Cdiff has not gone away, far from it when you look at the stats from Public Health England you will see that Cdiff is still a problem here in the UK. The recent stats released by Public Health in October 2014 shows that in September 2014 there were 443 cases diagnosed in the acute setting (Hospitals) and 1297 cases in our CCG's (community setting) 1720 cases in September alone. The figures for previous months are more or less the same, what this demonstrates is that cdiff is still flourishing here in the UK in spite of the fact that we are told everything is good. OK the numbers are no where near what they were but the numbers are still too high, the question is why? Are the numbers of patients diagnosed in CCG's coming from our hospitals? Are GP"s still prescribing too many antibiotics and Proton pump inhibitors? Are we not washing our hands enough and picking up spores from the environment? It could be a whole heap of things that is contributing to these figures, however CDIFF IS STILL A PROBLEM AND HAS NOT GONE AWAY.

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