Official Response Regarding C-Diff on Death Certificates

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Official Response Regarding C-Diff on Death Certificates

Postby Stuart264 » Thu Feb 22, 2007 3:13 pm

The Registrar General has responded via my MP to my Parliamentary Question on C-Diff being recorded as a cause of death. Full PDF Version can be downloaded from and the OCR text is below:

Dear Mr Loughton

The Registrar General has been asked to reply to your recent question concerning what guidance has been given to:-
(a) NHS hospitals
(b) nursing and care homes
(c) dentists
(d) ambulance trusts
(e) general practitioners
(f) other hospitals

onlisting clostridium difficile as the cause of death on official death certificates.

I am replying in her absence. ( 1 18964) Death certification is a statutory duty of individual medical practitioners under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1953. It is not part of their employment by NHS trusts, other hospitals, Primary Care Trusts or nursing homes. Death certificates
cannot be completed by dentists, ambulance personnel, or any other person who is not a registered medical practitioner. Guidance is therefore directed to doctors, not institutions. The General Register Office (GRO) of the Office for National Statistics is responsible for death registration and local registrars supply books of medical certificates of cause of death (MCCDs) to doctors and hospitals.

Every book includes notes on how to complete the MCCD. These make clear that doctors are required to complete the MCCD to the best of their knowledge and belief. They are asked to include on the death certificate every disease or condition which, in their clinical judgement, contributed to the death either directly or indirectly. Updated guidance to certifiers was published on the GRO website in July 2005 The updated guidance specifically draws attention to health care associated infections (HCAI). HCAI, including disease due to clostridium difficile, should be treated exactly the same as any other disease when it comes to death certification. If, in the certifying doctor's clinical judgement, it was part of the sequence leading directly to death, it should be written in part I of the MCCD. If the
doctor thinks that it was not part of the direct sequence, but did contribute to causing the patient's death indirectly, he should write it in part I1 of the MCCD.

The Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health drew this guidance to the attention of all registered doctors through his CMO update no 42 in July 2005

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Postby Stuart264 » Thu Feb 22, 2007 3:19 pm

I know this is going to spark off a hefty discussion and I would like to write a response via my MP in the next few weeks, regarding these rules not being followed and if I could have some details to back it up like the names of the deceased, date of death, hospital etc it would be appreciated.


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Postby Catherine M » Thu Feb 22, 2007 5:27 pm

Roy Mitchell, 02:19am, 2/12/05, Staffordshire General

C diff omitted from the interim death certificate. My father's consultant and surgeon did not see fit to mention C Diff on the death certificate.
At the Inquest, the Histopathologist, who performed a post mortem and wrote the interim death certificate, admitted that he had "glossed over" the notes. Apparently, he was not even aware that CD infection had been present.

The C diff only came to light because of information told to us by different doctors in the Intensive Care Unit during the last day of my Father's life. We then wrote to the Coroner and presented the matter at the Inquest where C diff was put on to the final death certificate. Had we not done this, cardiac failure would have gone down as the primary cause of death.

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Postby Stuart264 » Thu Feb 22, 2007 5:30 pm

Thanks, its noted

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Postby chrismc » Sat Feb 24, 2007 11:13 pm

Hi Stuart,
Sorry I can't help with any names, Appreciate what you are trying to do,
All I can say is I know at least 2 people who have expressed there concern's to me, for whatever reason's do not want to get involved with the support site.
Unlike me some people think, we can't bring them back, so what's the point.
Are you feeling O.K. Stuart.
Christine X
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Postby Jackie_S » Sun Feb 25, 2007 11:08 am

Hi Stuart,
Am told I am one of the lucky ones c diff was on the death certificate.

9.00 a.m 24/1/2007 John Thornton.... Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley, West Mids...
1a Clostridium Difficile

2 onchronic renal failure
sub-accute bowel blockage

The bowel blockage was 1b but it was crossed out and moved down on the death certificate ( if it had been left as 1b the coroner would of been involved so we were told)


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Postby derryfam » Sun Nov 25, 2007 11:06 am

we have recently lost my grand father to c diff
Hi Stuart,
Here are the details of my gran father. What difference does it make if c diff is the only cause of death. Does this giv us a good case against the hospital??

Norman Harratt
1st August 2007
1a pseudomembraous colitis (clostridium difficile colitus)

we are currantly awaing a reply from the complaint we made about the poor treatment and uncleanliness of the hospital. this was due 7 weeks ago and they still have not completed it! We are now getting extreamly inpatient as we feel thet they are trying to cover things up. My grand father died because he was put tottally at risk whilst in hospital. He originally went in with renal failure but whilst in A&E he was pumped full of anti biotics. Then when on the ward when he is elderly and vunerable due to the treatment in A&E was he put between 2 patients that had got c diff???? On joining this forum i can't believe how many people are suffering and dying it's horrific!
Hope we can help you with your fight as we are fighting ourselves !!!! :x

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Postby markbts » Tue Nov 27, 2007 12:37 am

Hi Derryfam
If you have not already done so you need to request grandads medical records only then will you be able to see what was going on and if they have been edited/altered to fit a specific agenda to get the hospital absolved of blame. The long time you have been kept waiting for a response says to me that a trumped up story is being worked on. Good luck with your fight. People here on this site will help you. But also be aware the legal people at the hospital will be monitoring your posts . Mark B

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Re: Official Response Regarding C-Diff on Death Certificates

Postby Julie112607 » Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:32 am

My father was sent home from hospital losing severe greenish stringy type watery diarrhoea with the worst foul possible smell.
He was in hospital for 7 weeks 1 day and was able to walk when we admitted him with unresponsive,chest pain severe malnutrition & dehydration - he had a gallstone removed from his bio duct & a UTI he was fed by a tube, on a drip of antibiotic's for a small abscess on his liver. He was on the mend. So we thought after the gallstone removal-
but that's when the diarrhoea started it was constant with a smell that couldn't be described , he lost his mobility had cramps in his stomach, top left side he felt sick, was unable to eat or drink - to cut a long story short he was 6st 6lb going in when they discharged him they sent him home with 625mg x 3 of antibiotics & other meds, weighting a painful 5 stone the last change my brother did - my dad was completely drenched in this bad diarrhoea my brother had to throw his pj"S he was wearing disposable underwear and pads/nappy away which is obvious and rang my partner to call round to carry my father up in to the wet room to be showered.. they was belching at the smell they told me the loss was like his insides had fell out - my dad was very upset, looking down at his-self saying how have I got to this ? that night he died just 10 days after being at my mums previously she had phoned GP over him not eating they said they would send him some sort of build up drinks which they did the day after he passed...found nothing in post Mortum so I asked an investigation to be done? as they couldn't find cause of death..2 months on - they said natural causes bronchopneumonia - hypertrophy
which i told them I do not accept as the full family are in shock he was left in his own muck on a ward of 8 patients.
With our family having to constant remind the nurses to please change & clean my father,which then only bedding were changed. On my account I never seen him being fully cleaned - his hands etc I asked my father had he been showered while in hospital he replied No! extra blankets we had brought up to keep him warm were soiled which I took home on many occasions to wash & bring backup on one occasion we had to tell a nurse of his urine bag as it was over flowing! My father ended up more poorly than he was before he went in hospital. on discharged he had been put in the discharge lounge on a chair - a call saying he was waiting to be picked up - having no clue he was even coming home !!! he had No !! Home visit's from doctor or medical nurse even just to do his vitals.
this is a small story of the hell my father & we have gone through we as a family know he caught something deadly in the hospital - we have been robbed of our little man. I am so angry I cannot grieve our loss.
The final inquest was on the 19th of December 2016 where a consultant & Gp literally stood there on Oath & Lied we want answers!!! my father went in hospital on the 12th of June 2016 - died on 2 of his grandchildren's birthday the
12th of August he was just 74 years old a couple of months earlier.. he had plans.
I feel like I'm going to go insane or have a break down
Sorry for this big essay guys but also 4 days after my father being discharged. I was admitted to hospital with pneumonia . I discharged myself at 4am but had to stay in bed with a course of antibiotics, which ended up 3 courses . In this time I could only speak to my father via phone as with him being weak I didn't want him to catch it from me 4 days later he died
At 4am with half of my heart. I have written to the coroner asking why the diarrhoea wasn't tested or mentioned & I had to bring it to there attention which I did on the 1st post mortem iv made several attempts of complaints to PALS
No replies I want to know WHY would you send someone home unable to stand so poorly & weighing 5 stone. A month after my father died myself & partner have had this never can forget smell of diarrhoea,nausea, joint pains really bad abdomen pain.. why can't I Get answers?? In nearly 6 months of trying! I personally think it's just one big coverup as in coroner investigation officer mentioned the word C.DIFF... I hadn't ever heard of it before that day.

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