How to put to rest ?

In memory of our loved ones, taken from us by Cdiff.
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How to put to rest ?

Postby Julie112607 » Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:28 am

How can I put my father to rest ?
When my heart is broken
I have made several phone calls to pals & the coroner & formal and not one single person has helped me! this has been going on now far too long - Iv tried & begged for answers into the death of my father - about the care he received while in *** from the early hours on the 12th- 13th of June 2016 up to the 2nd of August 2016 where he was discharged by the hospital weighing less than he was when he was admitted to the hospital- infact my father died weighing a painful 36kg
He had no terminal illness as far has the hospital was concerned. Yet he dies 10 days after being sent home. Not 1 person from the Gp to nurse visited him, while he was home.
I trusted the hospital to get him better - yet they have crushed my heart, they promised to get my father better!!
I admitted my father only for him to suffer, no longer be mobile & to destroy his Dignity losing the most foulest smelling watery diarrhoea that my brother had to change countless times a day.
My father started with this diarrhoea a day or 2 after having a gallstone removed from his bio duct and carried on till his death.
Which I 100% believe this diarrhoea caused my father to be bed bound & result in his death.
I have coroner's reports saying my father discharged himself ?
Consult/Dr saying he was now longer mobile aided with a frame!
Also saying she herself discharged my father.
she was also unaware of the diarrhoea then when she read her notes she said his bowel was type 5!!!
How can his bowel be type 5 when he was completely drenched in this smelling vile watery bowel loss.
I have too many answers and complaints towards the hospital,Gp & mental Heath team.
I'm hurt & destroyed together with my family - to WHY!
Since September I have myself & my partner are suffering with this vile smelling diarrhoea that I'm terrified to go out of my home even if I wanted to incase I'm a walking muscles are weak, nausea literally pray for 1 good day.
My father deserved dignity, respect also care - he got none!!
The same as I am getting now he may have been another 74 year old man to the all involved but it doesn't matter if he was 4 or 74 he was a human being and deserved the best of care.
And I deserve the Empathy,compassion to have the rights to be heard & answered not brushed off and ignored.
This will be my last complaint I make to pals who I had faith in but even you have let me down - which is very sad to say.
so I write this to you in hope that someone has that bit of Empathy to contact me today with the answers


Re: How to put to rest ?

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:01 pm

Dear Julie

Please give me a call, my number is on the home page of the website.

From my experience PALS are a waste of time, you need to get a formal letter of complaint to the hospital if you haven't already.


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Re: How to put to rest ?

Postby Julie112607 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:01 am

Hi yes iv done a formal complaint - which worked they phoned me within 10 minutes emailed all my points to my questions. Then a lady phoned me going over all the points for over an hour where she is going to do a full report and send me something to sign for her to access my fathers Gp records and mental health records - as my father adopted me when I was 2 years of age & was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia & was on injections & medication for 52 years of his life - yet while in hospital he was denied this treatment - unaware of this but at the inquest - consults tells us he wasn't given it as he was no longer P.S - so at least the formal is now but in 3 categories Hospital ,Gp & MHT
Thank you

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Re: How to put to rest ?

Postby graziella » Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:11 pm

Hi Julie

You should also request a copy of the medical notes while your dad was in hospital. The medical notes can give us a lot of information therefore it is important to try and get a copy. They will let you see the treatment he received, blood tests and results and if they acted upon any changes of his condition quickly enough. Requesting a copy of the notes should not cost you more than what it costs to photocopy however some hospitals charge a flat rate. I have attended meetings with two of our members who like you lost a loved one who was suffering from cdiff but cdiff was not mentioned on the death certificate. Following our meeting both members had the death certificate changed to include cdiff as a cause of death. I know that nothing is going to bring your dad back but I think it is important that this is included in the hospital's statistics.

Where about in the country are you?

Graziella x

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Re: How to put to rest ?

Postby Julie112607 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:34 pm

Hi thank you for your response - I have now written a formal complaint after being ignored by PAlS soon as I sent the email stating this is the very last time I will be contacting them - I got a response which they have now got me to sign for permission to access the NHS records - not holding my breath to how they can get round photographic evidence - medical records I kept when we took him to A&E 9 months prior when his foot went black and it reports Ischemia with doctors asking for further assessment & investigation I'm from Manchester x

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